You know your animals better than anyone, but even if you like them, no matter what, their adorable and often mystified behaviors can sometimes make you ask "why do you do that"? Here are some simple answers to common questions about cat behaviors that you can testify to every day.

Why does my cat guard?

The purring of your cat can be one of your favorite things about him. When this distinctive sound is originally debated, but cat owners know that the undeniable thrill, starting when the cat has about a week. Cats will run away when they are content and happy, but also when they are stressed by fear or pain. The frequency of the purr has been linked to the growth and healing of stimulated bones, and it is also thought that endorphins are released during the production of the sound. So, despite the obvious communication properties of a good sound purr, it could actually contribute to the well-being of your pet, as self-healing, Digestive Care for cat,self-terrorizing, and relaxing. You probably already know that a purring cat can have the same soothing way, healing and relaxation of you too!

Why does my cat weigh me with his legs?

Kitten Batingnot Each chat, but the explanation of why those who do are quite simple. Kittens knead as a sign of contentment and action helps their flow of mother's milk while they are nurses. As the cat matures, kneading is always a signal of contentment to their situation, and it is also a way to mark the territory because the cat sweats through the pads on their legs. Getting a cat massage is usually quite fun, but some cats can be obsessive with mixing, Fur, the beauty of the coat for the cat, or behavior can lead to or be done in conjunction with dairy or chewing, which leads us to ...