Adopting a dog is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in life because you are literally saving a life. However, you must remember that adopting a dog is a life-long commitment. Therefore, before you bring home a shelter dog, you need to ensure that you are taking all the right steps.

To make things simpler for you, we have created a list of common mistakes people make when adopting dogs.

We recommend that you carefully go through this list so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Jumping to a Decision

Most of us would agree with the fact that dogs are adorable pets. Since these furry creatures are so hard to resist, many people make the mistake of adopting them when they aren’t ready. So, before you go ahead and adopt one, seriously think about whether you’re willing to take up this huge responsibility.

As much as you want to adopt a dog, you need to make sure that you are financially strong to provide for it. For instance, you will have to spend a lot on its food and vet visits. Moreover, dogs require regular exercise.

Therefore, you need to see if your lifestyle allows you to give it the love and attention that it demands. A good way to check if you’re ready is to perhaps foster someone else’s dog for a couple of weeks. This will give you a good insight into everything a dog needs, so you make a well-informed decision.

Mistake #2 - Getting the Wrong Dog 

It is very common for people to fall in love with energetic and lively dogs. And it’s not really their fault because these dogs do seem like a lot of fun. However, after adopting, they realize that the dog doesn’t come with an “off” button. Since they are unable to keep up with the dog’s energy, many people often end up abandoning their dogs.

On the other hand, very active people would dislike older dogs that have low energy and fail to keep up with them. Therefore, you need to make sure that the dog you adopt has the same level of energy as you so you two can easily bond together. Moreover, you also need to see if the dog’s size matches the size of your living space. You can even take a dog-breed quiz that will help you determine which dog is best for you.

Mistake #3 – Thinking that You Can Only Adopt Puppies

There is nothing cuter than a small, little puppy. However, adopting a puppy requires a lot of time and effort. You will have to housebreak him, play with it for long hours and even train it. Moreover, you will also have to cope up with common puppy issues such as lack of litter training and chewing.

An alternative to adopting a puppy is getting a senior or an adult dog who are already housebroken and litter trained. Remember, that even though they might not be as adorable as little pups, they are still very loving and equally deserving of a caring home.

Mistake #4 – Ensuring That They Will Get Along with Your Other Pets

Adopting a new pet is super exciting. And in the thrill of adopting a dog, several pet parents tend to overlook an important rule. So, before bringing in a new pet, ask yourself, “will my other pets be welcoming towards the new dog?” Many people take it for granted that all their cats and dogs will get along well with each other.

To avoid this, you should make sure that the dog you’re looking to adopt spends some time with your family. You could ask your shelter if they allow you to foster a dog before you formally adopt it. This will help to familiarize all your pets with each other and check if they are compatible together.

Mistake #5 – Not Getting to Know the Dog

One of the most common mistakes people make when adopting dogs is not getting to know it beforehand. Many dogs behave differently in a shelter environment than they do in a home setting. This is because many dogs feel scared and stressed in a shelter. Hence, you should not assume that just because a dog has a subdued nature in a shelter, it will act the same way at your home.

Again, the best way to avoid making this mistake is to foster the dog for a few weeks before formally adopting it. This will help you understand his personality before you make a commitment.  

Mistake #6 – Thinking That You Can Only Adopt a Mixed Breed

Dog shelters all over the US are filled with mixed breed dogs, especially the Pitbull. However, this certainly does not mean that you cannot adopt a purebred from a shelter. Dog owners abandon heir dogs for several reasons. So, if you have a specific breed that you want to adopt, you can simply register yourself with a shelter and they will contact you when they get one of your liking.

Moreover, there also breed-specific rescues that you can go to. An advantage of these shelters is that their volunteers are very knowledgeable about the different types of breeds and can guide you in picking one that is best suited for you.  

Mistake #7 – Thinking That It’s Going to Be Easy

Irrespective of whether you are adopting a little puppy or a senior dog, adding a dog to your family will always be a challenge. Your furry buddy will need time to adjust to its new home and it might take time for you to bond together. While you give your dog lots of love and affection, make sure that it also has the privacy it needs to make the transition.

Final Words

There is nothing more satisfying than providing an abandoned dog with a loving, new home but this comes with plenty of challenges. The best way to deal with these challenges is to be prepared for it. We hope that learning these common mistakes people make when adopting dogs will help you avoid them.