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Marshall 2-in-1 Ferret Bed

Marshall 2-in-1 Ferret Bed
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Product Summary:

Marshall 2-in-1 Ferret Bed

With a charming, striped pattern and extra soft fleece construction, the Marshall 2-in-1 bed looks almost as great as it feels. Suspend it from the cage or remove the straps and place it on any flat surface – this versatile bed works anywhere.

Features: Appropriate for a variety of ferret environments
Padded bolsters surround your pet in supportive, comfortable luxury
High-impact plastic clips install easily and securely
Metal D rings
Adjustable nylon straps
Lofty, lightweight fill
Machine wash
Item Specifications:

11"L x 9"W x 3½"H

Polyester, nylon

Green Stripe

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