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Kaytee Sleep-E-Tent Ferret Bed

Kaytee Sleep-E-Tent Ferret Bed
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Product Summary:

Super Sleeper Sleep-E-Tent

A comfortable campout for your critters, the Sleep-E-Tent is a super-soft slumber spot with fluffy fleece. It easily attaches inside any wire home to provide additional layers of living space. When zippered, Sleep-E-Tent is a cozy hanging tent-shaped hide-out. When unzipped, it becomes a comfortable hammock.

Features: Easily attaches inside any wire home to provide additional layers of living space
Durable material will withstand multiple washings
Cozy and comfortable
Item Specifications:

11"L x 11"W x 14"H

Assorted (colors may vary)

Care Instructions:
Machine wash gentle cycle or hand wash

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