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Sunseed Millet Spray Treat 7oz

Sunseed Millet Spray Treat 7oz
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Product Summary:

Sunseed Millet Spray Treat 7oz

When it comes to giving your pet bird the best food that is high in nutrition, this Sunseed Millet Spray Treat works as a perfect choice. An ideal option for canaries, finches and parakeets, this bird food includes handpicked foxtail millet to ensure your pet gets only the best. This snack is sure to be enjoyed by all kinds of seed nibbling birds. It is high in nutrition which making it a wonderful supplement that can improve the overall health of your pet.

Product Features:

Provides natural, healthy food that adds variety to bird's daily diet.
Made for parakeets, finches and canaries.
Includes handpicked foxtail millet.
It is high in nutrition.

Item Specifications:

7 oz

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