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Easy Step III Pet Steps

Easy Step III Pet Steps
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Product Summary:

Pet Gear™ Easy Step III Pet Stair

The Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stair has wide, deep steps to give smaller dogs the ability to get their entire bodies on each platform and comfortably climb the stairs. The innovative incline of each step reduces the amount of stairs needed to climb eliminating stress on your pet. The carpet tread removes easily and is machine washable, and the stair easily snaps together, no tools required. It's ideal for pets up to 200 pounds that need extra assistance, such as disabled and senior dogs, dogs with hip and joint problems, post-surgery dogs, and even cats.

Features: Wide, deep steps designed for smaller dogs and cats
Perfect for senior, disabled, post-surgery pets, and pets who suffer from hip and joint problems
Three-step design
Easily removable carpet treads are 100% machine washable
Rubber grippers on bottom keep step secure and in place
Snaps together very easily, no tools required
Item Specifications:

Chocolate Brown

25"L x 16"W x 23"H

Weight Capacity:
For pets up to 150 lb.

Downloadable Resources
Easy Step III Pet StepsInstruction Manual

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