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Iconic Pet FurryGo Navy Pet Single Car Seat Cover

Iconic Pet FurryGo Navy Pet Single Car Seat Cover
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Product Summary:

Iconic Pet FurryGo Single Car Seat Cover

The Iconic Pet FurryGo Single Car Seat Cover makes it easy to travel with your pets. It is designed to provide basic protection on single car seat and is ideal for pets that like to have their eye on the road, or for masters that want to keep a close eye on their pet while they are driving. Made from high quality Oxford and polyester, this durable cover will keep your seat free of pet hair, dirt, drool, and dust. It is layered with an anti-slip mesh that helps your pet to stay put and takes away the fear of slipping or falling off the seat.

Features: Fits all single car seats
Protects seat from pet hair, dirt, and dust
Has anti slip mesh
Water resistant
Machine washable
Easy to install
Item Specifications:

48"L x 24"W

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