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Iconic Pet FurryGo Hammock Dark Grey Pet Car Cover

Iconic Pet FurryGo Hammock Dark Grey Pet Car Cover
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Product Summary:

Iconic Pet FurryGo Hammock Car Cover

The Iconic Pet FurryGo Hammock Car Cover is an anti-slip mesh hammock seat cover. Made from high quality Oxford fabric, this durable hammock will keep your back seat as good as new while safely satisfying a dog's natural urge to play around while riding in the car. The adjustable straps with quick connect snaps wrap around front and rear headrests to secure the hammock in place. A split zipper at the front as well as cut outs for seat belts make it so the animal and people can sit together in the back seat.

Features: Fits all cars and SUVs with a headrest
Protects back seat from pet hair, dirt, and dust
Adjustable straps and velcro bands make it easy to install
Split zipper and cut outs allow for people to sit with the dog
Water resistant
Machine washable
Item Specifications:

56" x 56"

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