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MidWest Dry Paws Training Pad Holder

MidWest Dry Paws Training Pad Holder
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Product Summary:

MidWest® Dry Paws™ Training and Floor Protection Pad Holder

The MidWest® Dry Paws™ training pad holder is the perfect way to keep your Dry Paws protection pads securely in place. Made from durable plastic, the holder is easy to clean. Quick and easy to assemble, you will be ready for housebreaking in no time. Accommodates Dry Paws Training and Floor protection pads.

Features: Durable
Simple to clean
Sturdy frame construction
Holds pads securely in place
Quick, easy assembly
Holds 23" x 24" pads
Item Specifications:

25" x 24.125"


Please note: This item is simply a frame to hold the pad sturdy. It is not a full pan. Pads sold separately.

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