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MidWest Dry Paws Puppy Pads

MidWest Dry Paws Puppy Pads
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Product Summary:

MidWest Dry Paws™ Training and Floor Protection Pads

Dry Paws™ Training Pads are constructed of a super-absorbent polymer and quilted to quickly lock away moisture and bacteria, keeping your pet healthy and your floors clean. These pads are a great tool for housebreaking your new puppy and designed to provide your pet with a place to eliminate during those times when you are not available to let him or her out. Dry Paws™ Training Pads are not just for our new friends, they are also perfect alternative for our older pets that may have a hard time making it outside or are just unable to hold on long enough. Also a great alternative for pet parents that live in apartments or homes with limited outdoor areas.

Features: No-track quilted surface
Super-absorbent polymer quickly locks in moisture
Plastic backing and sealed edges protect floors
Dual action attractant simplifies training, neutralizes odors
Ideal for puppies, aging and indoor dogs
Fits perfectly in Puppy Pad Holder (item 496839)
Item Specifications:

Pad Size:
23" x 24"

Package Sizes:

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