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Doggie Dooley Leach Style System

Doggie Dooley Leach Style System
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Product Summary:

Doggie Dooley Leach Style System

The Doggie Dooley Leach Style System is an easier way to keep your yard free from dog waste. It installs into the ground and operates like a septic tank, using bacteria action to liquefy pet waste for ground consumption. The Doggie Dooley works best in any soil that is sandy or drains well, and is not recommended for areas with high clay content.

Features: Leach bed style
Pyramid-shaped plastic tank
Lid is foot-operated
Natural enzymes and bacteria are eco-friendly
Sanitary and convenient
Odorless and insect-free
Harmless to pets, lawns, and shrubbery
Operates best at 40 degrees or warmer (outside temperature)
Item Specifications:

High Impact Plastic

Recommended Capacity:
Model 3535: one large dog or two small dogs
Model 3800: two large dogs or four small dogs

Simply shovel stool into the tank. Close lid and occasionally add water and special enzyme digester.

Please note: Item does not come with rake or shovel.

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