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Lafeber Cockatiel Popcorn Nutri Berries Bird Treat

Lafeber Cockatiel Popcorn Nutri Berries Bird Treat
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Product Summary:

Lafeber Cockatiel Popcorn Nutri Berries Bird Treats

Look what's popped onto the bird snacking scene! Popcorn Nutri-Berries are loaded with thrills, filled with non-stop excitement. Birds everywhere are giving this riveting popcorn rave reviews, because it features spine-tingling special effects like peanuts and their favorite seeds, packed with a caramel-flavored taste and aroma that will leaves them flying. Bird nutritionists love it, too. Because it's from Lafeber, it's a snack you can feed your bird with confidence. Popcorn Nutri-Berries are made from natural, wholesome ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals. They may be fed for maintenance or dietary conversion. The color, rich texture, and shape make it an excellent foraging treat.

Features: Natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals
Nutritionally balanced including essential fatty acids
Naturally preserved with tocopherols and citric acid
Superior taste makes them great for converting birds to a more healthy diet
Excellent foraging food
All seeds and grains are hand-inspected for cleanliness and freshness
Made in small batches to insure the best quality possible
Packed in resealable bags or sealed tubs to maintain freshness and “chewiness”
Item Specifications:

Cracked corn, hulled white proso millet, safflower, peanut splits, hulled canary grass seed, malto-dextrin, red millet, rape seed, peanuts, ground corn, corn syrup, corn oil, glycerine, propylene glycol, wheat, whole egg, dicalcium phosphate, ground limestone, dl-methionine, l-lysine, potassium sorbate, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, menadione sodium bisulfite complex, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B12, folic acid, biotin, ascorbic acid.

Guaranteed Analyses:
Crude Protein (min.): 10%
Crude Fat (min.): 6%
Crude Fiber (max.): 5%
Moisture (max.): 14%

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