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AquaFloat Dog Life Vest

AquaFloat Dog Life Vest
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Product Summary:

KONG AquaFloat Dog Life Vest

The KONG AquaFloat Dog Life Vest is perfect for long days near the water. The vest design allows your dog to swim in a safe and natural position. It has multiple soft foam layers for ultimate comfort and a mesh belly wrap for a custom fit, and is made of quick-drying, breathable, and strong rip-stop nylon for durability and comfort. Quick and secure multi-adjustable belly and neck clips ensure a custom fit and easy on-off. There is a red rescue handle for fast retrieval, while a D ring allows for quick leash attachment.

Features: Vest design for easy swimming
Multiple layers of foam
Strong rip-stop nylon construction
Multi adjustable belly and neck clips
Reflective top and binding for night visibility
Item Specifications:

XXSmall: Girth 12-16", Neck 8-12", for dogs 5-10 lb.
XSmall: Girth 16-20", Neck 11-14", for dogs 11-18 lb.
Small: Girth 20-26", Neck 12-17", for dogs 16-30 lb.
Medium: Girth 26-31", Neck 14-20", for dogs 25-55 lb.
Large: Girth 29-36", Neck 19-26", for dogs 50-80 lb.
For Girth, measure around the widest part of the rib cage.
For Neck, measure around the widest part of the neck.
If in between sizes, choose the larger for more coverage.

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